What is Rogue Division?

Rogue Division is an independent production company dedicated to making its mark on the world of digital media with narrative-driven entertainment. Since our founding in 2010, our goal has been to change the standards for success in internet video. Our media channels boast an array of content ranging from sketches to short films, documentaries, web-series' and more.

By focusing on storytelling and cinematic craft, RD aims to pave the way for independent filmmakers to use websites like YouTube and Facebook as a distribution platform no less powerful than today's most popular subscription streaming services. Essentially creating a global, year-round film festival with an audience millions of viewers strong.

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The Latest

Rogue Division's entry into the 2019 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project competition is now live on the RD's media channels! Corações em Fogo is a fish-out-of-water romantic-comedy directed by Andrew Kadikian and packed with award-winning performances from RD regulars and newcomers alike!

Coming Soon

The team at Rogue Division has multiple projects in the works for the year 2020 that are all not yet ready to be announced publicly. However, Team RD does plan to compete once again in the Los Angeles 48HFP this year, so you can certainly expect another RD 48 hour film this summer!

Stay tuned to RD's social media channels to keep up to date on any further announcements or reveals in the coming months.